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"After watching my girls participate and compete for Roleystone gymnastics club over the past few years, it is clear the coaches genuinely care for their students. There is a perfect combination of fun and support to help them enjoy their sport as well as achieve their personal goals. My girl's confidence and abilities have developed immensely and their enjoyment is clear by their happy chatter about their friends and coaches after class each week. Thanks Roleystone." - Melissa

Lightning Program

Imagine seeing your child working as a valued member of a team to keep their teammates safe and secure while performing in front of a crowd full of strangers.
Our Lightning Program makes this a reality, year after year.

Watch your child's confidence soar as they learn to communicate with others and develop advanced problem-solving skills.
Watch as they learn to improvise and think fast when the unpredictable happens.
Watch them grow physically and mentally stronger as they perform almost unimaginable skills.



RGC - Display team Ages 7 years and up

As part of the Display, team athletes will have the opportunity to perform at events and promote Roleystone gymnastics club; this program is aimed to provide your child with some skill knowledge and teamwork.

The program is not competitive, and you are not required to attend all events and will be flexible to accommodate families. The team will perform dances on the floor using some equipment, please note some travel may be required, but local events and inhouse events will be available.

2020 display team the athletes are not required to have extensive skills knowledge but encouraged to be supportive and positive and towards team members and anyone within in our outside the club supporting our more than gymnastics mantra.


Acrobatic Gymnastics is the natural progression from TeamGym and allows athletes to progress their skills in a way they would never expect. Similar to what you would see at Cirque Du Soleil, Acrobats work in teams of 2, 3 or 4 to perform up to three different routines. Acrobatic Gymnastics epitomises what it means to be a valued member of a team and will form bonds among athletes that no other sport can match.

Acrobatic Gymnastics class range from 2 to 3 hours per week and are between $260 and $330 per term.

Our goal is always to build the confidence of our students to ensure they can grow to become great people.


It's More Than Gymnastics.

Build the Foundations

Foundations are very important in gymnastics. Teaching basic skills helps athletes learn the "fun stuff" faster in the future. Classes in this stage of the year may look very repetitive and less challenging, but this is a very important step that can not be underestimated.

You wouldn't build a home without strong foundations and our coaches cannot allow advanced skills to be taught without ensuring the same.

Routine Preparation

The pre-season training is complete and it's time to start putting those skills to use. At this stage of the year, the gym has a real buzz about it.

Routines are being learnt, the music is turned up loud, and there are lots of new things to see. The little ones are always watching the big kids and the coaches are eagerly awaiting competition season.



Competition Time

It's finally time to show off all your hard work.
First-time competitors start to feel those butterflies but they quickly disappear when you enter the venue and all your friends are there to compete alongside you.

The lead up to this stage has seen you develop awesome skills but, more importantly, you have developed relationships with people you would have never met if you hadn't taken a chance.

This is your time to shine!

Advance and Reassess

The hard work was worth it and you are more inspired and determined than ever. 
This is a bittersweet part of the year as we see groups working towards their next level of gymnastics, we welcome new members, and we say goodbye to those who may be finishing their journey.
We also see some members transition to "senior" age and work towards the goal of qualifying for National Championships.
It is a busy time but very rewarding for all involved.

A year in the life...

The cycle of Gymnastics

The Roleystone Difference.

A unique approach to competitions and competing.

Competitions give athletes the opportunity to achieve goals, overcome obstacles and meet others.


Many parents don’t want a competitive lifestyle for their child, but at our club, competitions aren’t competitive. Competitions are a chance for athletes to spend time with their coaches that they wouldn’t normally get.

Competitions are a chance for our coaches to see other techniques and connect with coaches they may hope to be like.

Competitions are an opportunity to show other clubs and athletes what our values are and make their experience more enjoyable.


The scores are the same, the judges are the same, the results are the same, but the lessons your child will learn from Roleystone Gymnastics Club are different.



Our TeamGym athletes are required to attend up to 2 events per year. We also have the opportunity to perform at local events, depending on the availability of the team.


Members of our Acrobatic Gymnastics classes are required to attend between 1 and 4 events per year, depending on their level. Where appropriate, teams may be asked to perform at local or club events. 


Unlike most team sports, we cannot have athletes on standby to fill places if someone is unable to make it to a competition. Because of this, all competitions are compulsory. This is to ensure that all members are committing to the same expectations at the start of each year and no one misses out because of the lack of commitment from another team member.

In our sport, every team member is not only important but needed. We can not do what we do without consistent training.


We pride ourselves as a club that can offer high quality, well-branded merchandise but also as a club who can offer this at an affordable price.

We do not profit from the sale of uniforms and merchandise. This would go against our ethics as a Not-For-Profit organisation. 

Lightning Program athletes require the following items:



  • Long Sleeve Club Leotard - Girls

  • Club Training Shorts - Girls

  • Boys Club Leotard - Boys

  • Competition Shorts - Boys 

  • Club Zip Up Jacket

  • Black Trackpants

  • White Socks

  • White Scrunchie - Girls

    Acrobatic Gymnastics-

  • 1 or 2 optional leotards. These are to be sourced by the team members. RGC cannot supply these items.

  • Club Zip Up Jacket

  • Black Trackpants

  • White Socks

Let us show you the magic of the

Lightning Program

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