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Recreational classes for boys and girls aged 6 and under

"A very supportive group of leaders & the kids have such a wonderful time learning how to move their bodies & improve their strength! Highly recommend!" - Sandee 2018

18 MONTHS to 3.5 years
$97.50 per 10-week term + Insurance Fee per year 

Our KinderGym classes encourage toddlers to launch their own ideas and explore their environment. Each class offers children an imaginative journey, promoting gross motor skill development through movement, dancing, and exploration. Better still, you’ll have the chance to connect with other caregivers, experiencing the delights of these busy years together, while helping your child grow and become more confident in their movement abilities.





Kinder Challenge
3½+ years
$136.50 per 10-week term + Insurance Fee per year 

KinderChallenge classes engage children’s natural desire for movement and activate their independence. Boost communication skills, confidence,  and self-control, with our instructor lead classes. Parents can watch on from the sidelines and share your child's joy while they develop new and exciting movement skills.





4 to 5 years
$162 per 10-week term + Insurance fee per year 

It's all about adventure in our GymFun classes. Explore new kinds of movement with imaginative themes and activities to captivate your child. Whether they love cricket, football or gymnastics, let them experience the first step of their sporting journey and watch them build skills for life.





Gym Challenge
5 to 6 years
$162 per 10-week term + Insurance fee per year

The final stage of our Zappers League journey will have your child reaching new heights and a new level of self-confidence while improving their social skills. Our classes are built to challenge children with the fundamentals of gymnastics, helping them not only prepare for future classes in our club but will build skills and abilities to help them across all sports.

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